Sunday, May 31, 2009


Today, Pentecost Sunday, seems a good time to resume my postings. I just got an email from a reader of my blog who wanted to know if I planned to continue. Well, I do! Last Wednesday I submitted my second book to Infinity Publishing. I hope to get the first proof from the publisher in six to eight weeks. Its title is: HERALD of the FATIMA APPARITIONS: JOHN M. HAFFERT. So now I have more time for my two blogs!
When I first started to write the biography it seemed a daunting task. It took me approximately one and a half years to write, edit and make a "print ready" CD. But it turned out to be one more of those special gifts that God the Father loves to delight His children with! I am totally amazed at how much I learned in writing this book about the Father's plans for all of His little ones!!!