Saturday, August 25, 2007


A friend of mine, knowing that I was self-publishing and promoting my book, Its Light Is the Lamb, strongly suggested that I develop one or more blogs to help make my book known. After evaluating her well considered suggestion, I started this blog as well as another, This latter blog addresses various topics related to mystical contemplation.

I asked my friend to be the first one to post comments on my blogs. She declined, sending me an e-mail instead! She made some key points. I think that she didn't want to embarrass me, so she didn't post her comments on my blog. One suggestion that she made, that I will mention here, is that I explain to my readers what I hope to achieve with this blog and what topics I plan to discuss. So here goes.

At the moment, there are two topics which are of major interest to me. One is mystical contemplation which I cover in my other blog mentioned above. The second is referred to by many names, including Second Coming, Second Pentecost, End Times, Day of the Lord and Eucharistic Reign. I hope that the two blogs will complement each other. In my 'Second Pentecost' blog I would like to explore the idea of a new Pentecost. In particular I am interested in learning where this idea originated, if possible, and in discussing what the Popes have had to say on this topic, as well as what current day visionaries are saying.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


In Bishop Paul Kim's Pastoral Letter of Easter 1999, he speaks of the Second Pentecost. He says that, when Pope John XXIII received a revelation regarding the unhappy state of the Church, that it needed reform, the Pope convoked the Second Vatican Council. As it opened, Pope John prayed that the Holy Spirit would renew the Church in a manner similar to the first Pentecost. I knew that one of the Popes had referred to a Second Pentecost, but I didn't know that it was Pope John XXIII. Nor did I know that he had received a private revelation about the state of the Church. Does anyone reading this blog have more information about this alleged revelation that the Pope received?

The other question that I am puzzling about is the new era of holiness of which John Haffert writes in his book, Deadline, The Third Secret of Fatima. Although he writes that this "new and divine holiness" first started in the seventeenth century, I wonder if these words do not also refer to the Second Pentecost? Comments on this subject would be appreciated.