Sunday, March 23, 2008


According to Western Christianity, which includes both Protestant and Catholic churches, today is Easter Sunday. However, the Eastern Orthodox Church does not celebrate Easter for five more weeks, that is, until April 27, 2008. According to it was decided "at the Council of Nicea in 325, which decreed that Easter should be celebrated by all on the same Sunday, which Sunday shall be the first following the paschal moon (and the paschal moon must not precede the spring equinox), and that a particular church should determine the date of Easter and communicate it throughout the empire (probably Alexandria, with their skill in astronomical calculations).

"The policy was adopted throughout the empire, but Rome adopted an 84-year lunar cycle for determining the date, whereas Alexandria used a 19-year cycle. Use of these different "paschal cycles" persists to this day and contributes to the disparity between the eastern and western dates of Easter."

In the TLIG International e-news letter of March 19, 2008, it claims that "Two Easters Is A House Divided." In the past I had never really focused on this as being very important. However, as I now look forward to the Second Pentecost and Christian Unity (as yet undefined), I am impressed by the following excerpted from the TLIG international e-news:

"And, have you ever thought of what this looks like to the non-Christian world?
Here is what Monsignor Isidore Battika, Greek Catholic Patriarchal Vicar in Damascus, Syria, where Christians are a minority has to say about it. 'For the Easter feast it is very important. We have two Easter feasts in Syria. It is a bad thing for the church. We don’t testify to Jesus Christ. To the Moslem, when they see us have two Easter, two Crucifixions, two Resurrections it is too much.'"

Consider expressing yourself by voting on the following petition to Unify the Dates of Easter:

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Second Spring

We have just arrived home, after spending a month in sub-tropical, Hilton Head Island, SC having paid only winter rates. However, spring had already started when we arrived. Gardeners were in the process of planting yellow and violet flowering pansies all over the entrances to the island's plantations. The 'Empress of Winter', the camellia shrub with gorgeous red blooms, was already in flower, surrounding the entrance to Captain's Walk in Palmetto Dunes, where we were staying. And with each day we seemed to see new evidence of spring. The shrubs and the ornamental grasses began to grow. Day after day we saw more and more azaleas with many different colorings come into bloom. The yellow daffodils started to flower on the green shoots that had poked their heads through the earth almost everywhere we looked. The pink and white buds on the flowering trees were just about in full bloom. And of course, the grass was lush and green. As we departed gardeners were again planting annuals, this time impatiens and petunias. What a delight spring is!
And now that we are back home, about 700 miles north of Hilton Head Island, we are looking forward to experiencing a second spring. How blessed we are!

Monday, March 10, 2008

"A Wondrous Tomorrow" Will Explode

On, the Foundation of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary website, new words from God the Father, through Gianna Sullivan, were published on March 8, 2008. As usual, they are addressed to the Children of Humanity, to all of us! He tells us that because there is no peace in our hearts, there is chaos throughout the world. He urges us to "live in Truth", and to "come back to the Truth." God the Father says: "Every day is a new opportunity to give yourself unconditionally to the Truth, regardless of your sinful ways. I, your God of Mercy, am that indeed! If you do not, then the pain and suffering, the fear and panic and confusion, and the division and scandals will only escalate."
Then God the Father speaks these extraordinary words! "As the prophets before and as the prophets now all join in unity to give glory to God through My Son, there will explode a wondrous tomorrow! Painful it might be for those who do not know the Truth and for those who do and refuse to accept it. For those who do know it and accept it, painful it might be; but the overall safety of their souls will be preserved, and the world will be brought forth to its proper place from its inception in Creation.
The last sentence gives me a new and amazing insight into the Second Coming.